How to Revive Faded Microblading After 2 Years: Tips and Tricks

Faded Microblading After 2 Years

If you’ve ever had your eyebrows microbladed, you know how wonderful it can be to have perfectly arched eyebrows without spending time filling them in each day.

However, the color may fade with time, leaving you with brows that don’t appear as youthful and defined as when you originally had them done. If you need to revive your microbladed brows, here are seven tips and tricks to breathe life into faded microblading after 2 years:

7 Tips for Reviving Faded Microblading after 2 Years

Consult with a Specialist

It’s crucial to speak with an experienced practitioner before deciding how to restore your fading microblading. They may evaluate your eyebrows’ present state and recommend the best course of action. It’s vital to understand that not every microblading may be restored; sometimes, a new application may be required.

Think about Getting a Touch-Up

A touch-up can be all that’s required to restore your microblading if it has only slightly faded. In order to revive the color and definition of the current microblading, a touch-up entails applying extra pigment. If your brows still have some structure and definition, this is a less invasive alternative than starting over from square one.

Consider Microshading

A small handheld instrument is used in the microshading process to produce tiny specks of color that resemble natural eyebrow hairs.

This method may give fading microblading more definition and provide a fuller, more realistic-looking brow. If you want a softer, more natural effect, you may also opt for microshading alone.

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Combine Microblading and Microshading

A combination of microblading and microshading could be your best bet if your microblading has faded dramatically.

This entails reviving the color and definition of the current microblading by adding additional pigment and then utilizing microshading to give the brows more depth and texture.

This approach can produce a natural-looking finish if you want to avoid having a particularly defined or “blocky” brow.

Use a Brow Serum

Try utilizing a brow serum to help restore your fading microblading if you’re unprepared for a touch-up or don’t wish to spend on additional procedures.

The components in brow serums can strengthen hair follicles and increase hair growth, making your eyebrows look and feel better overall. For optimum results, look for a serum containing peptides, panthenol, and biotin.

Limit Your Time in the Sun

Protecting your eyebrows from the sun as much as possible is crucial since too much sun exposure might hasten the fading of microblading. If you want to protect your eyebrows from damaging UV rays, use a cap or apply an eyebrow pencil or powder with SPF.

Don’t Over Pluck

Stop overplucking your eyebrows if you’ve noticed that your microblading has faded in certain spots. Overplucking can harm the hair follicles and stop creating new hair, making it more challenging to restore your microblading. Instead, wait a few weeks before getting a touch-up or microshading treatment and allow your eyebrows to grow naturally without plucking or waxing.

Conclusively, revitalizing fading microblading can be a game-changer for individuals who want to keep their perfectly arched eyebrows. Your microblading may remain sharp and distinct for years with a competent specialist’s appropriate method and direction.

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Don’t give up on your brows just yet; instead, use these tips and tricks to restore two-year-old, fading microblading and get ready to feel confident and attractive once again.