Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions

Eyelash enhancements will last through one full growth cycle of a person's natural eyelashes. This varies from person to person, but you can generally expect it to take six to eight weeks. To maintain a consistently excellent look, I recommend light maintenance on eyelash enhancements every three or four weeks

Microshading effectively delivers all of these benefits:

  • Filling in sparse parts of the brow
  • Increasing the symmetry and appealing shape of your eyebrows
  • Providing darker color for very light brows, without requiring daily makeup
  • Rejuvenating your brows and eyes with little need for daily upkeep

As a general guideline, a full ombré powder brows treatment applied by a professional using quality pigments will last two to three years. There are person-to-person variations on this figure based on skin type, treatment type, health, lifestyle, and so forth.

These are both effective wrinkle-fighting treatments, but they rely on different methods of action. Botox immobilizes the facial muscles that cause and deepen wrinkles. Facial fillers work by adding new collagen to trouble areas. This not only plumps and lifts the skin by replacing your own lost collagen, but it can also help stimulate the growth of new collagen.

Brow lamination is an amazingly versatile brow treatment, and it's generally worth considering as an alternative to microblading. It can correct a range of brow issues, including thinning, gaps, overplucking, and more. Brow lamination is great at producing the appearance of fresh hair growth, hiding gaps and irregularities. Brow lamination usually takes less than an hour.

Waxing removes unwanted hair down to the root. When hair does start to re-grow, it comes back thinner, with a naturally-tapered end. Not only does this generally look better than the hair that comes back after shaving, but the pointed ends of the hairs are also less likely to become ingrown.

Permanent eyeliner, like most forms of permanent makeup, will look its best for roughly one year. Some slight fading over time is inevitable, but for most clients, it will take two or even three years before you need to start thinking about a touch-up.

The duration of permanent lip makeup varies widely according to the client. Some individuals have skin that's simply better suited to color retention. Depending on the color, permanent lip makeup can last up to ten years. At an absolute minimum, it will last at least 18 months. Note that regularly-scheduled touch-up visits will significantly improve the lifespan.

In a word, no! There is no part of the microblading process that encourages hair loss. If you begin to lose brow hairs, the most likely culprit is a health issue. We advise speaking to a doctor first if you start losing hair.

While microblading should ideally be done correctly the first time, an experienced technician can correct defects in the shape of an earlier microblading treatment. We'd be happy to help you by re-working a prior artist's brow work. We can also handle color correction if your brows develop a red, blue, or purple tint over time.

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