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When considering moving to a new town, consider the many benefits of living in Hampton Falls NH. The small town atmosphere is unmatched by any other town in the region, and there are many reasons to consider moving to this charming community. From its historic landmarks and Silverstone Living to its easy access to Boston, Hampton Falls has something for every lifestyle and budget. Read on for more reasons to move to this charming Hampton Falls, NH Here.

Hampton Falls, NH Silverstone Living

A retirement community that offers active adults the resources and amenities they need to stay active and engaged is an excellent choice for seniors. Silverstone Living in Hampton Falls offers two active Life Plan communities as well as a revolutionary Continuing Care At Home program. Residents can choose from a variety of housing options and activities, so they can find the right living environment for their lifestyle. There are even numerous programs and amenities to choose from. Residents may even want to consider a retirement community located near their family and friends.

Seniors who want to stay in a community near the beach or on the seacoast will enjoy Silverstone Living in Hampton Falls, NH. This community has convenient access to public transportation and the seacoast, as well as to the area’s white and green mountains. Silverstone’s CCRC Continuing Care Retirement Communities are perfect for older adults who need to be closer to the ocean, but still want to enjoy the freedom of their own space.

Hampton Falls, NH Historic landmarks

A historic landmark in Hampton Falls is the James House. This is one of the earliest structures with ‘first period’ colonial architecture, which is typical for early settlers in New Hampshire. The simple design of the house with a central chimney is the oldest surviving example of this style of building. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the James House features a mini museum with original artifacts from 1723.

The Little Boar’s Head Historic District is a collection of mid and early nineteenth-century buildings that provide a glimpse into the village’s history. From a fishing village to a prosperous summer colony, the town’s architecture evolved over time. Many of the buildings in the Little Boar’s Head Historic District still stand today, including modest fish houses built by fishermen or summer residents.

Hampton Falls Quiet community

If you’re looking for a quaint town on the seacoast with a laid-back atmosphere and a low crime rate, consider a move to quiet Hampton Falls, New Hampshire. This coastal town has a lot to offer: beautiful beaches, quiet residential streets, and upscale rentals. It’s 45 miles north of Boston and offers quick access to both the Boston area and nearby beaches. While it’s not the most active community in the state, it does boast a small commercial center and neighborhoods lined with single-family homes.

This quiet, quaint community offers a relaxed lifestyle for the entire family and a low cost of living. The per capita income of the city is $66,371, making it one of the wealthiest areas in the state and the nation. This equates to $265,484 per family. Residents of Hampton Falls report being of many races, including white, Irish, German, and Italian. The area is also known for its public library.

Easy access to Boston

If you want to have easy access to everything in Boston, then you have to stay in a place with good public transportation. Those with cars may find that commuting can be a bit of a hassle. However, there are some things you can do that will make your commute as easy as possible. These can include public transportation and the Silver Line. Listed below are some of the main points of interest in the area.

The Fenway neighborhood is known as the baseball capital of the world. It is home to the Boston Red Sox and Fenway Park. Living in this neighborhood is both convenient and fun. You’ll find a number of MBTA stops, as well as many excellent schools in the area. If you’re unsure of where to stay, you can find a number of options that fit your budget. Once you have a list of neighborhoods you’d like to live in, choose the most convenient for you.

Hampton Falls, NH Environmental roots

If you’re looking for a community with a sense of place, consider living in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire. This quaint residential town is located on the southern coast of New Hampshire. Residents are dedicated to preserving the town’s rural roots. You can find one of the oldest working apple orchards in the country along Route 88. You can also explore the area’s environmental heritage by hiking through Marsh Lane Conservation Preserve, a handicapped accessible trail with descriptions of plants and birds. There’s also an active recreation commission in town, which sponsors senior card parties and a seniors’ card party.

The town’s Farmland Preservation Act protects important farmland and open space in the area. To protect this land, it must be protected by a budget item or warrant article. The Hampton Falls Conservation Commission plays an important role in protecting open spaces and overseeing methods of preservation. Many of the houses in the town are of Federal or Greek Revival style and built along early transportation routes. In addition, many older parts of the Town have not undergone extensive alterations to the streetscape. Development in this area, while necessary, isn’t compatible with the overall objectives of the Town.

The Cost of Living in Hampton Falls, NH

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To get a better understanding of Hampton Falls Cost of living, read the following information. It includes Rent, Trip, and Hotel costs. In addition, you can get community information and news by logging into the secure resident portal. We’ll also touch on the Demographics of Hampton Falls. You’ll also find helpful links to make your move to this city as smooth as possible. Interested? Get started today!


The average price for a one-bedroom apartment in Hampton Falls is $1,481, compared with $4,000 for a two-bedroom apartment. Apartment units in Hampton Falls can range from $875 to $2,500, with a one-bedroom costing on average about $1,000. For those seeking an affordable rent in Hampton Falls, there are also rental assistance programs that can help you find affordable housing. These programs can help residents pay rent, manage maintenance requests, and receive community news.

There are many benefits to living in Hampton Falls, NH, including good schools. You can search for houses to rent near a specific school, then use a radius or polygon to filter your results. Once you’ve narrowed down your search, you can apply online for a lease or contact the property manager to ask questions. Using a search tool, you can search similar homes for rent in Hampton Falls and find the perfect space to meet your needs.

Hampton Falls, NH Hotel costs

If you’re traveling on a budget, the cost of hotel rooms in Hampton Falls will be a little bit higher than the average. You can find cheap hotels and also book luxury vacation rentals in the area. You will need to budget $55 to $111 per person per day. Hotels in Hampton Falls have different nightly rates, depending on their features and amenities. You can browse hotels in Hampton Falls by viewing their photos and nearby landmarks to get an idea of what to expect.

For example, the cheapest day to fly into Hampton Falls is Tuesday. The most expensive week is Friday. By booking early, you can save about $574. For an extra five percent, you can take a look at a few free flight guides. Remember, the cheapest month to visit Hampton Falls is early September. Make your reservations as soon as possible, because hotel prices rise as early as August. You can also find the best deals on a hotel in Hampton Falls by searching online.

Hampton Falls Trip costs

Travelling to Hampton Falls will require a hotel stay. You can find cheaper rates for Hampton Falls hotels during off-season, such as October and September. However, prices can vary based on several factors, including the season, and the type of hotel you book. If you’re traveling on a budget, Sunday is typically the cheapest day to stay at a Hampton Falls hotel. During peak tourist season, costs are higher than on other days, so make sure to check when the price is most affordable.

Taking a flight to Hampton Falls is an expensive proposition, with an average cost of $683 for a single-person trip, $2,486 for a couple, and $7,532 for a family of four. While you can stay at a budget-friendly hotel in Hampton Falls, you’re likely to be inconvenienced by standby flights. A good way to reduce travel costs is to book in advance. A one-star hotel is usually more affordable than two, and can cost as little as $55 per night.

Hampton Falls, NH Demographics

The Demographics of Hampton Falls show that the city has a 34% male population. As a result, there is only a small proportion of single women in Hampton Falls. There are also a lot of single men, which makes it an unusually heterosexual city. Despite these characteristics, the residents of Hampton Falls are proud of their diverse population. Below, you’ll discover some interesting facts about Hampton Falls. Read on to learn more about the residents of Hampton Falls!

The Demographics of Hampton Falls show that the median age of its citizens is 46.4. The lowest percentage is found among those under the age of 18-year-olds. Meanwhile, the highest percentage of people in Hampton Falls is found among those between 30 and 39-year-olds. Hampton Falls ranks high on these metrics, which is why it’s worth learning about the community’s demographics. Listed below are some important facts about the city’s population.

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