Hampstead NH Natural Wonders

Hampstead NH Natural Wonders

There are a number of natural wonders in Hampstead, NH. The Hampstead Town Forest offers an amazing opportunity to experience native New Hampshire ecology and wildlife. Visitors can also enjoy Hampstead’s Town Beach on Wash Pond. If you love to hike, Hampstead offers a number of challenging trails that will reward you with stunning views. If you’re a family who enjoys outdoor recreation, Hampstead offers something for everyone.  

Sunset Lake, also known as Wash Pond, is a 151-acre body of water with a depth of thirty to thirty-five feet in the center. Hampstead maintains a public beach on the lake, although there’s no public boat launch. Residents can join the Sunset Lake Association and help manage the watershed. The association maintains samples of water quality and funds projects sponsored by the Association. There’s also an annual meeting of the Sunset Lake Association. Check this out

The Hampstead town population increased by 81 percent between 1980 and 1990, ranking it 37th among incorporated towns and cities in New Hampshire. Data on population are from reliable sources, but should be verified before using them. Detailed population figures may be unavailable or may contain errors, omissions, modifications, and withdrawals. Please contact community officials if you have questions about the community’s population or demographics. Browse around this site

There are a lot of great places to visit and see in Hampstead, NH. We compiled a quick list here.

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