Lip Blushing

Enhance and redefine your lips with lip blushing, a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure. Achieve a natural-looking tint and balanced shape with experienced professional Elizabeth Smith at Million Dollar Brows. Learn more about the process, benefits, and aftercare. Book your appointment now!

Eyelash Enhancement

Looking for stunning eyelashes? Discover the benefits of eyelash enhancement methods such as extensions, lifts, tinting, and serums. Boost your confidence and transform your lashes today!

Eyebrow Tinting

Transform your eyebrows and enhance your natural beauty with eyebrow tinting at Million Dollar Brows. Say goodbye to daily makeup and hello to gorgeous, long-lasting results. Book now!

6D Microblading

Looking for perfectly defined eyebrows? Discover the benefits and process of 6D Microblading, a technique offered by Million Dollar Brows. Enhance your appearance and boost your confidence today. Book your appointment with Ms. Elizabeth Smith at (603) 387-4173 or visit our website.

Eyebrow Embroidery

Achieve natural-looking and low-maintenance brows with eyebrow embroidery. Enhance your beauty with flawless, long-lasting results. Get expert treatment at Million Dollar Brows.

Microblading And Semi-Permanent Makeup

Discover the benefits of microblading and semi-permanent makeup. Save time and money with natural-looking results and low maintenance. Say goodbye to daily makeup routines!

Eyeliner Lips

Discover the secret to stunning eyeliner and lips with Million Dollar Brows! Enhance your natural beauty with long-lasting results.

Eyebrow Waxing

Looking for the perfect solution to shape your eyebrows? Discover the benefits of eyebrow waxing, including time efficiency and longer-lasting results. Find out everything you need to know about eyebrow waxing and get your eyebrows done at Million Dollar Brows in Hampton Falls, NH.