biotouch pigments review

Biotouch Pigments Review

Looking for high-quality pigments for microblading or permanent makeup? Biotouch – Pigments 15mL Bottle (Jet Black) offers great value with its 15ml size. Made in the USA for professionals, it guarantees quality, longevity, and superior results.

biotouch 3 prong round needles review

BioTouch 3 Prong Round Needles Review

Elevate your craft with the BioTouch 3 Prong Round Needles! Perfect for creating thick outlines, filling brows, defining liners, and enhancing lips. Trusted by professionals, these high-quality needles deliver outstanding results. Must-have for Microblading and PMU artists.

biotouch micropigment dark brown review

Biotouch Micropigment Dark Brown Review

Get beautifully shaded brows with Biotouch Micropigment Dark Brown Pigment. Versatile for various skin tones, long-lasting formula, and larger bottle size for best value. Recommended for microblading and PMU artists. Made in the USA. Say goodbye to dull eyebrows!