The Best Eyebrow Microblading Aftercare: 10 Tips for Long-Lasting Results

Best Eyebrow Microblading


If you’re reading this, you either recently had your eyebrows microbladed or you plan to get it done. The trendy cosmetic procedure known as microblading can give you the ideal brows you’ve always desired.

But did you know that the post-microblading maintenance regimen is just as crucial as the treatment? Proper maintenance can significantly affect your microbladed brows’ endurance and looks.

This article covers the ten best eyebrow microblading aftercare suggestions to help you get stunning, long-lasting results.

10 Tips for Best Eyebrow Microblading Results

Keep the Region Dry and Tidy

For a few days following the treatment, it’s crucial to keep the microbladed region dry and clean. Avoid moistening your brows, and keep creams, lotions, and cosmetics away from the region. This will promote healthy healing and aid in the prevention of infections.


Apply the Aftercare Item as Advised

You should receive an aftercare lotion or ointment from your microblading specialist to use on the affected region. To encourage healing and avoid scabbing, use it as instructed.

Avoid Physically Demanding Activities

If you can, avoid physically demanding tasks for the first week following your treatment to prevent sweating. Sweat can cause the color to fade or lead to infection.

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Don’t Go Swimming or Take a Bath

For the first two weeks following your microblading operation, avoid swimming or bathing. Water may result in infection and degrade the color.

Be Patient

The method of microblading requires patience in order to produce the desired outcomes. Don’t be alarmed if your brows seem too light or black within the first few days. After a few weeks, you’ll be able to see the ultimate effects because the pigment will gradually fade as it heals.

Follow Up With Your Technician

Your technician may arrange a follow-up consultation to assess your outcomes after your microblading operation. This is an excellent chance to ask any concerns you might have regarding aftercare and to make sure your brows are healing correctly.

Use Neither Exfoliants nor Peels

Avoid using any exfoliant or peels on your face for the first several weeks following your microblading surgery. These substances could result in scabbing and can make the color fade.

Don’t Use Makeup or Brow Products

For at least a week after getting your eyebrows microbladed, refrain from applying makeup or brow products. These consist of brow gels, powders, and pencils. Applying makeup too soon might lead to an infection and sabotage your effects.

Do Not Pick or Scrape the Area

Avoid picking or scratching the microbladed region, as tempting as it may seem. This may result in scabbing, which may cause scarring and perhaps compromise your outcomes.

Avoid Exposing Your Brows to the Sun

It is advised to stay out of the sun for the first several weeks following your microblading operation. The pigment may fade and become discolored when exposed to sunshine. Cover your brows with a hat or sunscreen if you must go outside.

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The secret to attractive, long-lasting microbladed eyebrows is proper maintenance. You can ensure that your brows recover properly and continue to look their best by adhering to these ten suggestions.

You may reap the rewards of microblading for months with a little bit of perseverance and devotion. So, take good care of your brows and let your new, gorgeous ones show off your confidence!