Discover the 5 Steps of Lip Blush Procedure

lip blush procedure

Have you ever wanted fuller, more accentuated lips without having to apply lipstick all the time? If so, lip blushing might be the newest cosmetic procedure to catch your eye. This semi-permanent cosmetic method has been more well-known in recent years due to its capacity to accentuate your lips’ inherent beauty.

But what does a lip blush procedure actually involve? We’ll examine the procedure in more detail in this post, along with what to anticipate before, during, and after the procedure. So settle back, unwind, and get ready to discover everything there is to know about lip blushing.

Step-By-Step Lip Blush Procedure


The consultation stage of the lip blush technique is an important step that guarantees the result will live up to your expectations. You will have the chance to talk about your objectives, worries, and expectations with a certified and experienced cosmetic specialist during this phase.

The technician will start by assessing your lips’ size, color, and skin tone. This aids them in figuring out the best strategy for reaching your target outcome. They might also take pictures of your lips to record how they look now and how they change throughout the process.

The expert will also thoroughly describe the lip blush technique, such as the risks and advantages, and respond to any queries you may have. Finally, to make sure you’re a good candidate, they may inquire about your medical records and any medicines you’re on right now.

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A topical anesthetic is given to your lips during the lip blush procedure to ensure your comfort. The anesthetic desensitizes the area to lessen any discomfort and takes 15 to 30 minutes to start working. As a result, the pigment application stage of the operation can be more comfortable.

Pigment Selection

You and the expert will collaborate to choose a color that enhances your skin complexion, hair color, and personal tastes during this stage. The specialist will have a large selection of colors available for you to pick from, and they’ll employ their knowledge to assist you in choosing the shade that will best bring out your natural beauty. They might also combine other hues to get a special shade tailored to your preferences.

Pigment Application

To get the required color and definition, the technician will work gently, slowly building the color until the ideal shade is attained. According to the desired outcome, the process normally takes two to three hours. The technician may take breaks throughout this stage to assess the situation and make sure the lip blush tattoo is applied evenly.


Following the surgery, you must adhere to particular aftercare guidelines to ensure appropriate healing and long-lasting benefits. This entails abstaining from particular meals and drinks, lubricating the lips, and limiting exposure to sunshine.

The lip blush procedure is intricate and requires precision to be done correctly. So if you are searching for the best lip blushing near me in NH, we invite you to come to us at Million Dollar Brows, for we are popularly known for our experience and expertise in various lip tattooing techniques!