6 Effective Remedies for Itchy Brows After Ombre Powder

Itchy Brows After Ombre Powder

Are you thinking of getting ombre powder brows to acquire the dream arches you have always desired? Although this semi-permanent makeup technique might improve the appearance of your brows, it’s crucial to be aware of the possible adverse effects – itchy brows!

Itchy brows after ombre powder are more common than you think. So, there’s no need to endure it alone. In this article, we have curated a list of six effective remedies to treat itchy brows after ombre powder.

So, keep reading if you’re suffering from this problem right now or wish to be prepared in case you experience it:

6 Remedies for Itchy Brows After Ombre Powder

Keep the Area Clean and Moisturized

Keeping the area clean and moisturized is one of the best methods to stop itching and pain after having ombre powder brows.

To keep the skin moisturized, gently wash the area with a light cleanser and then use a fragrance-free moisturizer. Avoid using harsh cosmetics that could irritate your skin even more.

Use a Cold Compress

A cold compress can be a lifesaver for reducing irritation after getting ombre powder brows. Apply some ice on the afflicted region for a few minutes while wrapping it in a clean towel. This will assist in calming the skin and reducing irritation.

Apply Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel is recognized for its anti-inflammatory and relaxing characteristics, making it an ideal cure for irritated brows after ombre powder.

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You can apply aloe vera gel sparingly to the afflicted region and dab the skin lightly with your fingers. This will have a cooling effect and aid in reducing redness and irritation.

Try Calamine Lotion

Calamine lotion is popularly known for alleviating the discomfort of irritated skin. To treat itchy brows, apply calamine lotion to the afflicted area and let it dry for a few minutes.

Afterward, rinse it with cold water and dab it gently with a soft cloth to dry the skin. You can try this remedy multiple times a day to get instant relief.

Use a Hydrocortisone Cream

Hydrocortisone lotion can help reduce redness and itching by ombre powder brows. The cream should only be applied in small quantities. Make sure to massage it into the skin to get maximum relief properly.

Remember to avoid over-using the cream. If you experience itchy brows even after a week of usage, switch to a different remedy since excessive use of the hydrocortisone cream can lead to skin thinning and other adverse effects.

Take an Antihistamine

Antihistamines might give relief if the itching is really bad. Antihistamines function by preventing the histamines that cause inflammation and irritation. Seek your doctor’s approval before taking this medicine, and make sure you stick to the prescribed dosage.

Don’t let itchy brows after ombre powder ruin your post-treatment experience. With the six tips we’ve provided in this post, you may quickly eliminate the discomfort and resume flaunting your gorgeous brows!